Maybe it’s because I’m a weather geek, but I have always added details about weather conditions during my run to my Strava activities. I think it’s a great way to get a little more information about why the training or race went the way that it did. When I look back at it and compare a similar effort a year or two later I can know whether weather played a big role in performance.

For years, I had to do this manually. That wasn’t a huge deal for me since I usually had the current weather data a few clicks away on my phone or computer. Heck, who am I kidding, I pretty much knew what the temperature, dew point, wind direction and wind speed was. It’s what I do for a living. Now, there’s a seamless way to integrate the weather data into your Strava activities and it does not cost a dime. The free service takes data from a nearby weather station and adds it to the description of your Strava activity as soon as you’re done.

I added the description of my workout, all the weather data was automatically added by Klimat

The free version also allows you to view the stats for the past 14 days on your Klimat account page. Another cool feature is that the integration works worldwide. I was recently in Buenos Aires, and accurate weather data was seamlessly added to all of my Strava activities in Argentina.

Some great running weather in late-March!

Klimat Premium

For just $5/year, you can upgrade to the Premium level with added features and customization options including:

  • Weather conditions from the end of your activity.
  • Full access to all data: Activity Feel, Activity Time, Cloud Cover, Dew Point, Feels Like Temperature, Humidity, Ozone, Pressure, Temperature, UV Index, Visibility, Weather Summary, Weather Emojis, Wind Bearing, Wind Speed.
  • Choose your weather format: default, compact or custom. With custom you can you can include words or descriptions in any language, organize the fields in any order and remove or add any fields you want.
  • Choose to label the weather or not, e.g. 75°F vs 75.
  • Choose to include weather for virtual activities.Set where weather appears when there is already an activity description.
  • No branding, remove ” – by” from your weather description.

I was a bit skeptical of this app integration at first because I was not sure if the weather data would be accurate, but for the most part it is. There have been a few days where the wind was a little stronger where I was running, and it’s very easy to just change the 15 mph to 25 mph in the description. I am not affiliated with this app or its developers in any way, but if you’re using Strava, then adding Klimat is a no-brainer.

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