New England was spared excessively hot and humid weather through most of June, but July has been a slightly different story to this point. The heat has not been extreme, but it has been consistent through the middle of the month. Most of New England is running 3-6° above normal this July. The first two weeks of Boston were the third warmest on record with an average temperature of 78.4°. They have reliable weather records in Boston dating back to 1872!

History shows us that mid to late July is the warmest time of the year as seen in the graph below representing the peak of the hump when looking at yearly average temperature graph for Providence.

This year, it looks like July will be even warmer than normal because the weather through at least July 22 is likely to very warm to hot most of the time. We are enjoying lower humidity early this week, but it will get muggy again by Wednesday. The temperature may reach 90° inland on Wednesday afternoon. What’s left of Barry will get caught in the jet stream and could bring showers/storms late Wednesday and Thursday. It will not be as hot on Thursday because of the shower threat, but it will stay very humid.

Weekend scorcher likely

The hottest weather of the summer is possible from Friday through Monday. Some cities could see a four-day heat wave, and it may feel like 100°+ inland at times because of the high humidity. Right now, Saturday looks like the hottest day. You’ll need to hydrate very well if you have a race or long run on Saturday morning. Southern New England cities may not see the temperature get much below 80° Friday night into Saturday morning, and it could be 90° by 10 am.

Seasoned New England runners know the keys to surviving mid-summer training. Try to get out there as early as you can or wait until very late in the day. Run near the water where there is usually a breeze to help cool you down. Hydrate the day/night before your run, and build in a few extra water stops along the way. See if you can find a shady route – you can do loops if the route is much shorter than your planned run.

Computer models are predicting 5-10° F above normal from the middle of this week through early next week. That’s considerably warmer than normal for what’s already the normally warmest part of the year!

Looking way down the road into the middle of next week, the hot weather pattern may break and the last week of the month looks near or slightly cooler than normal. That does not mean it will be refreshingly cool, but it should feel a lot better than what we’ll deal with in the next week.